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Being such a nature loving tomboy always collecting pockets of natural things and climbing trees, I have always been keenly fascinated with the inherent and intricate beauty of nature. My mother was an art teacher and I grew up in Northeastern Ohio on wooded acreage near a national park.  After working in the interior design / fashion world for 20+ years, I decided to combine my love of art, interiors, and nature to create something that is modern, impactful drawing the viewer into contemplate the finer details of its natural elements.  It is my hope that with my arrangements that I inspire the viewer to contemplate the masterful and awe inspiring details found in nature......whether it highlights the vivid colors of bird's feathers to the subtle designs written in the textures of a seashell and to consider that every part of their masterful design serves both tremendous function as well as beautiful form.  


I have been fortunate that my artwork has admirers & collectors all over the USA - from mountain to coastal places.  My pieces have gone on to "live" on the walls in places......such as The Yellowstone Club, residences in Big Sky and  Whitefish, MT, Colorado, Sante Fe, NM, Austin, TX, Montauk, NY, Naples, FL and the Keys, FL.   I strive to ethically source or recycle the raw materials that I use in my work .... whether it is wood from fallen trees or from antlers naturally shed by deer or elk, I like to using the often discarded or unused items from nature to give them new identity and purpose.  In the fusion of these natural things, I seek to create a fresh or modern graphic impact while at the same time illuminating the natural power and beauty of their original design.

Image by Jenelle Hayes
Image by Sébastien Bourguet
AW Collection



The natural beauty of various bird feathers, antlers, quills brought to life in graphic impact.  36"x 36"


Natural quills are individually and carefully for their

selected to create a pattern within a pattern throughout with the background of a textured handmade textile.

36" x 36"


Clean, simple, pure -the absence of color can allow us to see with new eyes the complexity & details of the creation 

36" x 36"

A tactile but soothing palate of abalone shells with natural dye - hand dyed feathers to compliment the shell tones to create a happy effect mounted on a handmade textile

36" x 36"


Circle of Life 

A Natural Diptych - mounted on linen with

Guinea & Turkey Feathers with Quills, & Birch  

48" x 48"

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